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Aims and Objectives of Sargodha Chamber of Commerce and Industry

In today’s fast and mechanized era, not only the life of a country but also the human life itself revolves around the economy and the basis of the development of any nation and the determination of its position in the world is the light of its economic and economic status. I happen. Economy is the backbone of any country and the role of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is fundamental and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry plays a significant role in the economic development of any region. The main objective of establishing these chambers is to provide a platform to the industrialists and businessmen of the region. Just as the traffic signal helps the moving vehicles to go in their direction, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry also conveys all the information to the people who want to progress so that they can move towards their destination without any hindrance. The purpose of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is not only to protect the rights of old industries and traders and to provide them with a protective umbrella rather, organizations should encourage newcomers as much as possible.

Sargodha Chamber of Commerce and Industry has to undertake the following duties with its limited resources.

  • Promotion of industry and trade in Sargodha.
  • Redressal of problems and protection of rights of members.
  • Provision of information related to the industry and trade of members, especially their sector.
  • Awareness to the members about international domestic and regional laws and any changes in them.
  • Informing members of import orders from home and abroad.
  • Encouragement and all possible guidance of charitable works.
  • Conducting seminars and workshops to keep abreast of the latest changes.
  • Promotion of exports in the region and guidance of members in the same.
  • Promotion of industrialization in the area and timely awareness and guidance to the
  • members of various industrial possibilities and potential pitfalls.
  • Identification of better profitable projects and all possible assistance to industrialists in terms of investment.
  • Exchange of goodwill delegations.
  • Issuance of visa recommendation letter for obtaining business visa.
  • Facilitation of import and export registration based on membership certificate.
  • Sargodha Chamber will be fully aware of its responsibilities, Inshallah.
But along with this

some responsibilities are also imposed on the members.


Ensuring Timely Payment of Dues

Maintaining financial integrity through timely settlement of obligations, fostering reliability and trust within financial transactions.

Making full use of information

Utilizing available information to its fullest potential, enhancing strategic decision-making and fostering efficiency across operations.

Active Participation in Seminars and Workshops

Actively involving oneself in seminars and workshops to broaden knowledge, refine skills, and foster professional growth within diverse fields and industries.

Recognizing Contributions to House Expansion Efforts

Acknowledging valuable contributions towards expanding the House's membership base, bolstering community engagement, and fostering inclusivity within the organization.
Harnessing Blessings for Progress

Empowering Sargodha for National Advancement

Reflecting on the abundance of blessings bestowed upon Sargodha by the divine, emphasizing the responsibility to leverage these resources for the collective upliftment of our country, nation, and regional prosperity.